Skills include:

Photography & Photo Editing
Vector Graphics and Web Graphics
Digital Painting                                                                                                                         Branding
Prototyping                                                                                                                                     3D Modeling & Digital Fabrication
UX Design
Professional Writing
Fiber Arts
Furniture Renovation
Interior Design

What I do

I’m an artist with a degree in Digital Design and Communication. I also have a degree in Professional Writing so I can help you with a range of services for your project from design, marketing, branding, product development, 3D modeling, interior design, and furniture restoration to more artistic projects like digital painting, creating digital graphics, photo editing, and others.


BA English, Technical Writing                                                                                                  University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee, 2009

BFA Design and Visual Communication                                                                   University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee, 2017

Professional Experience:

United States Marine Corps, 2004-2017

Technical Writing Intern, UW Continuing Education Office, 2007-2009